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on a winter solstice.

on a winter solstice.

Lanvi T. Nguyen

Lanvi T. Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American photographer based out of northern Virginia whose passion for capturing the world through a camera lens speaks for itself. As an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts inspired by the energy of her colleagues and time in Richmond, Lanvi has dedicated herself to documenting her environments both familiar and foreign, spending recent years photographing abroad in Asia South Pacific countries. Her work began as micro-studies of objects, but has since evolved into full-scale observations on the unspoken, & things that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Nguyen believes that every image contains unspoken words that form a narrative or a conversation that renders her photographs like visual poetry. It is not about the object held between her hands: her investigation of the physical world focuses less on what is seen through the lens of a camera, but more on what is made visible by it. She uses the photographic medium as a canvas, like the way a painted physically places paint on it, seeks to imbue these quiet exchanges with perceptible properties. Everything exists in a state of flux, so each image is unique in the compression or expansion of time, space, or surface.

Her newer work take on a new format that involve building & constructing building-like model structures to render back the 3D impression of the imagery. Nguyen incorporates reinterpreted physical data taken from the image as a tool to depict the elements of time, space, energy, and/or emotion. The result is a playful dialogue between the intangible & the immaterial in solid forms. Her work process first requires thorough understanding of the big picture in order to deconstruct and compartmentalize the information, and then restructure those smaller components back into the whole.

Lanvi’s insatiable appetite for unearthing the obscured is what truly fuels her, and with over two decades of art-making under her belt, saying she loves what she does would be an understatement.

A life dedicated to deciphering the vast, enigmatic landscape grain by grain & pixel by pixel in a state of wakefulness.

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